20 4 / 2014

on a day like today
we are flowers
the smell and the feel
destroying your senses
all consuming
drowning them
in liquid I consumed last night

my night of escape
seeing on the other side
beyond the curtain

one pair of eyes held no value
they showed little compliance to the operator
such a negating trance
all for
a twenty dollar dance

quite a show if I so say so myself
a starlit

hazy and misguided

I swear I saw death in her thighs

20 4 / 2014

American Horror Story: Easter

so suitable for today

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18 4 / 2014

dream awake
tell me what you see
I’ve thrown my graces to the wind
taking words
from never was
to have beens

don’t forget about the lost and the void

when your eyes are on me
and they’ve begun to read
don’t lose faith
for myself,
I am reborn
clinging to this goddamn ritual
of lies and deceit

I’m leaving here
I never seem to find what I’ve lost

don’t get this involved
it can only lead to falling apart
brace yourself
I can’t breathe
I am known for giving up on things
as those fading voices
repeat and repeat

all of them
they are but staves
barely holding on

I’d pretend to save the world just to save my face

14 4 / 2014

13 4 / 2014

you always suggest the opposite of me
as the right lane ends
waiting for the light to change
red from green
I’ve made sense
of time
for now

this morning drive
on north country road
sends a calm of sorts
this subtle pretense
of reality

with your imagination
send me into the dark
with all of my friends
tooth and nail

I can pretend more than any of us
originality is dead set on me
I am determined to
sway your perception

sharing my opaqueness with lucidity

13 4 / 2014

take this night
and make my mistakes
disappear from under the sheets

I am passing out in the living room

the television is left on
as background noise

as I forgive you

I am comfortable this way
laid out
wanting to forget

rock and roll and hell for me

as the volume drowns out the rest

13 4 / 2014

SALfie SALdie SALlie

SALfie SALdie SALlie

13 4 / 2014


Step 1- Buy her pizza.

Step 2- Make her cum.

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13 4 / 2014

09 4 / 2014

it was a long night drinking whiskey

I drank to turn my head around
deeper and deeper
the haze began
thirty dollars worth
of never enough

we’ve hidden these skeletons for far too long
to contradict
our lies

I’ve told you this before
escape from the inside
and this will
the end of that

leave your wrongs at my door
we have a plan
it’s time to figure this night out

my hands can create more destruction than good

07 4 / 2014

writing is a form of sickness
you never quite get over it
it lays dormant
for days or months at a time
hits like a tidal wave
regretting nothing
pouring ink
a dense like venom
poisoning you from the inside out

you never get over it

it stays with you from dusk to dawn

07 4 / 2014

your chariot awaits
your throne is embellished

I am not of noble blood

you understand who I am
a wolf in sheep’s clothing

in dire night
there is a sky that leaves little to the imagination
destroying our stars
stealing the white of your eyes

I don’t want to live this way

I am a savage

07 4 / 2014

I was backtracking to about a year ago

there are tons of pictures
a history of photographs
these moments are so far away from us now
it’s like an alternate universe
my eye’s are struggling to comprehend what was once depicted

I watched you drift away
out of temporary space

I used to read a lot more
than I have been
I remember my words felt like mine own
her verses 
deliberately molded into 
heading down a path of unscathed territory 

we are in today

I am still writing; to an unknown sender

burying differences

when everything is alright
it’s because we’ve learned to forget why we were broken
and fixing it all
in the first place

I am standing alone in the street
my ears are bleeding
I am just a ghost of myself

you won’t feel a thing

when I cross your mind

just black spaces eating you away

02 4 / 2014

I have been aching
the words are halted by an ugliness
I’ve chosen to ignore my unhappiness

I never paid much attention

02 4 / 2014