28 8 / 2014

our hopes and fears are wrapped around your finger
unraveling something real
in dreams
and in laughter
a happy ever after

it’s like you knew this bottle was something I wouldn’t let up
needing your touch
like a vice grip

you, my escape, has become a crutch

slowly unfolding off my lips and onto yours

26 8 / 2014

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26 8 / 2014

it all began anew
once again
I have become

filling up with more and more
they called them
it all started as part of a dream
she began to show
pieces of her
revealing what I once felt
as forms of literary juxtaposition

I regret reaching out
this path has become so troubling
and human nature,
guides me incidentally
down the same dreary dark road

sometimes you can’t help yourself

the desire for more of what we know is bad

26 8 / 2014

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23 8 / 2014

cut loose
and casual
like that shotgun
held steadily at your gut
close by
and plays a reminder
to our quietus

nothing pulls my attention
endless walks back and forth
between the elements
so carelessly
but mainly
due to adoration
for apathy

I continue my assault on the bottle
a glass of bourbon
firing down all my cylinders
a metabolic
substance abuse

I’m losing faith in our newfound hope

I am one of few around who doesn’t quite have this figured out yet

22 8 / 2014

I have read many faces
felt and seen
more than most
years of mistakes
growing into
what feels like
where I am supposed to be

the pain rarely subsides
hold the dark

it’s hard to bridge the gap
between this all
but I’m trying

a new face
a new mind
for you my dear,
I can start from the beginning

20 8 / 2014

"If I had a drink for every fuck I give I’d be one sober mother fucker, but if I had a drink for every fuck I gave about her, I’d be intoxicated forever. I’d drink myself to death."

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17 8 / 2014

still water speaks volumes
as the light
converses constantly
through day and night
creating a knot in your stomach
as if the tides
are hidden within ourselves

their stories are
forever changing
like that of
the shades of your eyes

painted in echoes

my distress
an anchor in my side
picturesque in a sense
as if the oils
on a canvas
were thrown across
the landscape
bleeding out
continually in the wrong

our sights have been blinded by monotony
astonishing heights
fell blindly to the wayside
as we slowly descend
from the mentality
that we know what’s right

16 8 / 2014

I’ve been having trouble
staring off into the unknown
I though I had it
but I’m losing grip
there’s no way
to her yet
I am something
that has become
more misleading

this is what I felt as I felt it

the first glass of ambition
slowly turned into a second and third
blurring the lines
as my perception became faded
lost in my own
a sense of
discovering those illusions
and easily forgetting their purpose

I wanted more of it’s embrace
the sublime control
that flowed evenly from top
to bottom
as I made my way
through the back door

my actions asked permission
my instincts could react

I just don’t know what kinds of terrible I have been leaving behind
all eyes
seem to disperse
in search for passion and seclusion
I have settled into a corner
saying goodbye
to excuses

little by little
the breeze behind it all
begins to send signals
burying me

figure it out

my attempt at creating a way to fall asleep

16 8 / 2014


Submission Saturday - Charles Bukowski’s Birthday Edition
Poem Submitted by everythingisbrilliant

14 8 / 2014

our contributions have been avoided

we are failures
of spoken word
backed against a wall
in deprivation

the rest is up to you
disguise your footprint
the intent is victory

excuse myself

13 8 / 2014

gimme gimme gimme

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12 8 / 2014

half off long island taps
a gentlemen’s nightcap
my dementia

last night was something
I am becoming accustomed to

I think heavily around the noise
the disruption 
of suffering
as glimpses of you
pass by

enamored by the matter at hand
I’d rather look the other way
sleep safely

my beloved,
maybe we can pretend some more
you and me
I can’t stop laughing at the thought
of where I am today
transfixed by the verse

with all things considered
my counterfeit heart is telling me to stay away
disrutping the gap of my insecurity

you’re so alone, you left too soon to know

10 8 / 2014

here we are
lost in the crowd
sharing a memory
drowning with the volume up

there is a time you’ll need to be here
when you are young
dropping in and out
you’ve got this routine
and I’m here to disrupt it
long nights and tired mornings

taste the air
connect the dots
drink it up
living this life live and to the fullest

last night I dreamt of sleep

09 8 / 2014